AB Capital is a consulting and Investment Company focused on private sector businesses that offers made-to-measure and global management, with experience and absolute privacy, supported by professionals in each required area, from the beginning of the project, exit strategies and to the very end.

Our activity spans all the national geography, especially in the Balearic Islands, where the company was born.

All of us at AB Capital’s team are moved and united by passion and a job well done, with the highest discretion.

Each team member that makes up AB Capital is the pillar that supports the company and with each one’s experience and business vision can manage the projects and the challenges outlined by our clients.

The team has professional experts in the hotel, development, equity and financial sectors.


Our client’s Confidence, Privacy and Team Work make us multiply results 

Key to success

Carrying out an in-depth analysis along with specialized professionals in each area makes each project unique.

From investment to fundraising, to project management, to exit strategies and closing, we support our clients during the process, with qualified professionals in each required area of expertise.

We now offer, upon client request, a la carte Global Management and personalised services.

We manage portfolios, familiarised with “Due Diligence” research and analysis of the parties involved, as well as give shape and support to the whole process with legal and fiscal advice.

As a result of our consolidation as a team, we have an investment and “off market” product portfolio that allows us to work with optimised time and resources.

Our clients perform through different investment vehicles, such as family office, investment funds, wealth management, hotel and service sector entrepreneurs and private investors, whose objectives are to increase their equity, hotel business management, retail and department stores, property rental, etc.

Our investment holdings and client’s portfolio management has allowed us access to diverse off market sellable products and projects. Hotel management and asset sale, development projects, singular buildings, project management, department stores, prime real estate, sports clubs, senior homes, marinas, etc.

Our mission is to obtain the desired returns through investments, asset management or sale transactions.

This is what we consider a good investment.


What can WE OFFER

To go hand in hand with our clients (prior an audit), from the beginning of a project or transaction, with the proposal and implementation of objectives with success, management and supervision of each required operative step, together with our team, makes the human factor an added value of AB Capital.

After Audit, the Commercial Area distributes each project according to its needs to the Legal Area, Fiscal Area, Financial Area and Technical Area.

With strategic partners in the Financial Sector, Energy, Health, Retail, Third Sector, Tourism, Construction, Engineering, Real Estate and Service Sector, that guarantee these areas.


Our commitment is to give our clients maximum guarantees through our lines of service.

First step, conduct an Audit, evaluate each particular situation in each moment; this way we can assign the right professional in each area, a job that we consider essential in AB Capital.


The first thing we do is conduct a client Audit, where we evaluate the transaction or project, so we can distribute and coordinate with the rest of professionals in each area, according to each need.

Once audited and consulted, PROJECT to PROJECT, we distribute the work load to the team, depending on the need, state and situation.

Reach excellence and share it, combining reason, passion and work: we will succeed … with creativity, excellence and stability.

To do simple things in an extraordinary way


We have created a legal department to help our clients develop their projects swiftly, complete and, above all, safely.

From the complete support in all areas point of view, we are able to analyse every business in a specialised way, from its beginning to its successful exit, with the indispensable support to private clients or businesses that may need it.

We have the best professionals in each sector to cover the needs at all times, from business conception to its completion, guaranteeing the presence of the appointed professional, according to speciality and the project, at all times.

Thus, through our team of collaborators, we can offer broad legal support for your projects, which encompasses building legality verification, to company creation, contract or document drafting as needed in the good completion of your investment.

We are conscious of how important it is for our clients to rely on safe investments and that they operate in an environment with the maximum reliability, so our team will adapt to their singular needs, looking to minimize risks, as we are aware that each project is unique.


A first rate team of professionals that cover the different areas and the evolution of the sector, adapting to the environment and technical needs, always respecting the regulations and the particularities of every geographical zone.

Accompanying the client throughout the whole process.

Analysis and zoning management advice.

Time and cost reduction on investment level.
Market implementation according moment and zone.
Viability study, costs and property valuations.

PROJECTS to PROJECT adapted to each client profile.


VISION, with a professional and well consolidated team, committed, independent and generating references.

Client satisfaction during the different processes of the project.

A VALUE PROPOSAL... Passion is the solution ECONÓMICA


Analyse, advice and financially supervise all investment and disinvestment projects, participating in the decision to carry them out and supervising it execution as approved, and to maintain the balance ratios according to strategy.

Plan, coordinate and supervise the budget process with the purpose of obtaining in time, complying with the agreed guidelines.


We help you develop and execute comprehensive construction or remodelling projects, complying with fiscal regulations.


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07001 Palma

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